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We as a family, have always had fun in learning and encouraged out of the box thinking which has been possible due to the numerous aids and books available in today’s digital world.

My 12 year old daughter Mythili Iyer, an avid reader has been my inspiration to create this website along with her interest to spread learnings. She has been an active participant in this process as she helps review the books, collate facts and develop the website and Newletters. It would be correct to mention her as the CCO [Chief Content Officer]of LearningFinger.com

Giving her different books to read has been a challenging and interesting task with so much of digital overload today. This made us spend a lot of time researching for good ones from the numerous digital data available today in the market.

We made sure there were lots of books around our kids right from an early age which made them read a lot,helping us reduce their screen time. We have thrived over the years to provide best of the books and aids to both our kids and that has helped all of us gain a lot of knowledge.

In this website, we have listed the good books,videos for every age with our first-hand experience and instinct. I would not shy to say that the project manager instinct in me (having worked in the software industry for more than a decade), made me document the learnings and the techie in me made me create the website with the learnings and insights, which I'm sure will help a larger set of audience.

We believe Art can be made use of in Learning. Think of mind-maps and real maps. Visual representation aids our learning to a large extent.


We present before you our learnings and we are sure with your help and spreading the word, we would be able to spread the learnings to a much wider audience for everyone’s benefit. Do write reviews, recommend books, send your reviews and art work.



Girija Vishwanathan

[Founder - LearningFinger.com]

Ping us with your suggestions, we are happy to listen


We understand there is an information overload today,

A lot of time is Spent on figuring out what best you need everyday

Hence @learningFinger.com where the research for the Best is always on,

Just choose from the best and let your busy mind rest

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